Five Days of Holiday Traditions

It’s that time of year again, everyone hustling around, busy, busy, busy.  I thought I would that the last few days to talk about some traditions around the inn, and slow the pace if only for a short time.  Traditions are the memories, warm and cozy, of the Christmas of our youth.  They are the passing of time and the passing of life.  I hope you enjoy hearing about some of the things we enjoy and hope you are busy making traditions of your own.

Tradition #1 is Crafted with love.  During December the innkeepers can be found taking some time from the cleaning and cooking to make things homemade; Warren in his craftedwithloveworkshop and Janet crafting cards.  These traditions started many years ago when money was tight and children were small.  Warren loved to make wooden toys and our children loved to play with the wonderful trucks, trains and moving animals their father crafted.  Now Grandpa is very proud and excited that our nine year old grandson is showing an interest and working on a pull toy puppy for his little sister.  In the past he has helped his Grandpa with some hammering and a bit of painting, but this year he has been working with some machines and doing the project himself, with guidance and teaching from Grandpa.  I guess that teaching spirit is just like riding a bike, never forgotten.   It’s wonderful to see the bond that is building over sandpaper and paint.  Meanwhile after the cookie baking and Christmas Open House, Janet will get to work crafting and stamping the Christmas greeting cards to send to family and friends.  She feels it’s one way to relax and keep the stress out of the holiday planning.  makingcards

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